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Sun, Sep. 25th, 2005, 01:06 am
new songs and live vids!

check out Courtesy of You at:


if you have myspace ADD at:


check out the live performance videos at:


please please PLEASE check us out! let us know what you think! we just got out of the studio, have new songs up and live vids of live performances up as well! check them out! thanks!

--courtesy of you

Tue, Sep. 20th, 2005, 09:46 am
Oct 1 show!!

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Wed, Sep. 7th, 2005, 03:18 am

come check out our brand new music out on our page!




we're really excited to have these up and get some feedback so let us know what you think about it!

Special thanks go out to:

Evan - our producer
Matt - Gang Vox
Alex - Gang Vox
Eric Smith - Violin
Nick from So Save ME - Screams
Rhett from So Save Me - Screams
YOU for listening!
and most of all God!


Courtesy of You

Wed, Aug. 3rd, 2005, 07:03 pm

so we have a new banner up it looks like this, and if you want it to put on your myspace or livejournal,zanga or whatever go to www.myspace.com/courtesyofyou and grab the html copy and paste it where ever you would like it, thanx a buch! if you have any questions email us at courtesyofyou@yahoo.com

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Sat, Jul. 23rd, 2005, 04:22 pm
coy banner woot woot!


Sun, Jul. 3rd, 2005, 01:29 am
Courtesy of You

hey....please check us out. we are a band from orlando, florida.
please check our music.
if you have myspace add us if you like it :)


thank you very much :)

--courtesy of you

Fri, Jun. 24th, 2005, 09:53 am
Courtesy of You

If you are in the Orlando area, please check out our shows. If you arent...check out our music. We just want honest opinions, nothing else, but not being a jerk either if you dont like us.


if you are on myspace, add us.
also, there are 3 different songs at each link.
Thanks for checking us out. We <3 u.

Courtesy of You

Thu, Mar. 31st, 2005, 10:05 pm

All Music and Lyrics are written and performed by Courtesy of You ©

all in

walking down this hall again
it seems so familiar
the smell in the air
is how i remembered
this place
and my disgrace
reaching out your hand for me
to grab and to hold on
whispering in my ear
only need to stay strong
this time
and i'll be fine

when will i figure out it's all been done
price has been paid the war has been won
do i need to go back to know how it feels
does this pain confirm that im real

never start to understand
all of these ways
or the feelings i have
for your infinite grace
i miss use
and constantly abuse
coming back for more each time
only seems right
to fill the gap to fill the void
that's so deep inside
this picture

im hurting for your love you give me from up above
i know when i come to you, it's all i need to do

letter to a penpal (who never wrote back)

another starting of the day before
the night i had im not quite sure
what it meant to say im sorry or forgive me i was
and i know that it is right to say
but i dont think i can even pray
for a second third or hundreth time
for your love
but you reach out and grab my hand with both of yours

and there's a broken piece of glass
a thousand pennies on the floor
one for every time i said im sorry
and i should have known before
a hurting heart that's in the past
shallow words i've said before
someone go and find the glue and tape
so that my heart might restore

im sorry, will you forgive me, im hurting, for you to
hold me
im sorry, will you forgive me, im hurting, for you to
hold me
im sorry for the hundreth time when i turned my back
and walked away from you
im always wrong on what to do
but never wrong for loving you

livejournal reply

sitting in a quiet room alone (is there anyone
watching me) for once
staring at a blank screen of thoughts of myself with
anyone but me
cut through this air with a rusty knife (so i can
remember how i felt with you)
move slow and delibrate, patcient and smooth, jagged
and hurting, infecting my wounds

closing your eyes as your turning your face from me
(watching me watching you watching everything i do)
time is standing still as i keep moving on (heart is
cold this is old never believe what i've sold)
leaving this town for good and leaving me (im leaving
you im leaving these books behind)
shallow replies of goodbye but im gone

standing at this landmark you've made (im pouring the
gas and lighting the match)
you always loved for me to be wrong, cuz i was more
bold more patcient more strong
stop pretending that it will be fine once more (open
your eyes, quit being so blind)
you said that one hundred times over again stop
repeating yourself stop pretending we're friends...cuz
we're not


learning faster than i ever wanted to
rotting tongues are only speaking truths
of hurting hearts and broken lives
to remind us how we're supposed to die in time
without a purpose and a king to fight for
rusted swords and broken armor
the only thing you'll have to help you through this
battle and through this wretched war

and you'll hear the trumpet sound run across the
battle ground till the end of the day
i'll fight for love till i fall apart
bloody hands and open wounds remind us of the price he
had to pay
they never told us what we're getting into
is it worth it now

i hear a voice and i know it's calling me
come and fight press onto victory
body's sore and weak and failure is the only thing
that i can reach
without forcing myself to stand up
you know im strong you know im man enough
i'll jump right in i'll fight i'll win i'll do it all
again just tell me when

come and take me home and let me
be all that you want and make me
perfect for yourself and glory
broken torn up fighting boldly

will you take me home to your glory and i'll be so greatful

new beginnings and inverness florida

cut my heart out along the dotted line
dont worry how i feel it's only a matter of time
that this hole in my chest will fill up, soon enough

this will be the first time it wont hurt to say your
hoping that you feel the same
three small words of appologese, or "this is how it's
gotta be" wont change
your beautiful eyes or the sound of your name

it's gunna take more than a smile from you

because im gone, and your leaving
im wrong for believing
that you and i would even try to get along so why did
i cry that night ive said goodbye too many times

read our story to the very end
study the chapters of our first kiss and when we met
then maybe you'll remember what you said and what you meant

i found your heart on mapquest

i know your name and i know your face and i know those
games you play
how you turn then and pretend as he comes across your
eyes closed tight with the softest kiss followed by
"lets just be friends"
your lip gloss burns with cherry taste that only you
can mend
so where should i begin

you had a hold on my heart
a simple map and a place to start
take a left, then a right, followed by a goodbye and
im turning out the lights and never coming back
im burning all the maps its too bad
but it is my turn to end

i'll never forget (i've got that memory)
the way that you smiled (lips shined so bright in the
and how you told me (at least a hundred times)
that this would last for a while (it never would end
you always said)
your hair all in place the dimples onside your face
and the sweetest greetings ever heard
your fingers crossed on mine make the greatest puzzle
of all time
and knowing that you'll never be mine

her seventh floor story

leave the room the way it was last night
glasses on the desk cup half full of water by the book
thats half read
underneath the lamp that dimly lit the bed
and i swear i'll try to forget what you said when you
"goodbye" for the last time "look foward to the
sunshine, keep your head up high and walk real sure i
wont be gone for too long"

she's trying to get out of bed so she can see the sun
(she's opening her eyes to never say goodnight)
hoping to remember those days in midseptember when the
nights she planned forever to share with eachother and
never follow through
and somehow we both already knew

im so sorry i couldnt say goodbye
somehow i knew you'd be back for me that night
i'll hold you so tight and i'll never let go
promise me you'll stay with me, promise me you'll
never leave
i dont want just a memory

no one ever told me it would be so hard
cut through my chest and to my heart and leave me
bleeding in the dark while i am searching
for a smile love just something to hold on so tight
like you once held me
when you told me i would grow up and be...
and i'll grow up real big and become just like you and
i'll conquer the world just like you knew and i'll
make you so proud to call me your son, you've always
been proud of me

All Music and Lyrics are written and performed by Courtesy of You ©

Sun, Feb. 13th, 2005, 01:49 am
teen hype night follow up...

the show at teen hype night was absolutely rad. thank you to all who came out! you guys rock our faces off, special thanx to runner up for letting us use there stuff. our next show is march 5 at ozone cds w/ madelyn so make sure you hit that up, new songs will be up soon just be patient! we love you all! till next time...

Sat, Jan. 29th, 2005, 12:54 am
Feb 12 @ Downy Park

Courtesy of You
Hypefest @ Downy Park
February 12
10107 Flowers Avenue, Orlando, FL 32825
with: Better Than Average, Runner Up and Others

Courtesy of You on livejournal... yup its true! we'll be posting about upcoming shows, all our song lyrics we are working on and whatever else is on our minds, and of course news and all that jazz so check it out whenever you feel like, and thanx to all the supporters of what we do, we love you guys and you make this so much more fun for us. thank you!